In August, the BYU Religious Studies Center and Deseret Bookreleased "Civil War Saints", a book three years in the making. Editor and BYU Associate Professor, Ken Alford, with a team of student research assistants present a list identifying 384 Latter-day Saint Civil War Veterans-- although not a complete list, this is a great start.

Few Utahn's know that just over 100 men served in Utah during the Civil War under Lot Smith from May 1862-August 1862, prior to the arrival of the 3rd California Volunteers in October.

While many know  the establishment of Camp Douglas on 26 October 1862, was in relation to the American Civil War, few realize the effects of the "Utah War" (1857-1858) on the American Civil War, or Abraham Lincoln's relationship with the Mormons. Civil War Saints explores these events and many others as well as the stories of other Latter-day Saints who served and died during the Civil War.

Source: BYU Press Release, September 18, 2012 ; Photo: Ken Alford (used by permission)
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K.R. Jess Jensen
11/25/2014 18:16

I ma look for personal history of my family in the confederate's and can't find any links at all My give name a birth was Draper. Anyplace you could me look would be helpful. Thank You... JESS


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