Camp Floyd/Stagecoach Inn State Park has some new happenings to be aware of. The following post is written by Camp FLoyd Curator Megan Kellar. We are excited to hear what is in the works.

Image used by permission

Camp Floyd is tied into the story of the Civil War.  The soldiers at Camp Floyd went on to fight in the battles of a Gettysburg, Bulls Run, Shiloh, and more. At Camp Floyd / Stagecoach Inn State Park and Museum we have several new developments.  Recently, we added an exhibit throughout the Stagecoach Inn which describes its history though its 89 years in operation.  Now, we’re working on an exhibit which highlights the archaeological digs at Camp Floyd.  These digs in the 80’s and early 90’s were part of BYU’s field school led by Dr. Dale Berg.  The series of digs uncovered four different structures of the 10th Infantry:  enlisted men’s barracks, officer’s quarters, and department headquarters.  Today many of these items are still being cataloged and are housed at Fort Douglas.  The new exhibit will describe archaeological concepts through the objects.  We’re also working on exhibits on the first Masonic lodge in the State of Utah started by the soldiers at Camp Floyd, the coins found at Camp Floyd including some from Canada and Mexico, and the drawings of Captain Albert Tracy.  These exhibits will completed by July of this year and are funded by a grant from Utah Arts and Museums.

In planning the exhibit on Captain Albert Tracy’s sketches we learned something new.  This is a sketch from Tracy’s original sketchbook in the New York Public Library.  Through the grant from Utah Arts and Museums, we received funding to purchase new images of 4 of Tracy’s sketches from the New York Public Library.  Previously, we had only seen the sketches in volume 19 of the Utah Historical Quarterly published in 1945. This volume features Tracy’s journal in its entirety from 1858-1860 while Tracy was part of the Utah Expedition.  You can read a digital copy of the full volume through the link below:

In the journal, these two sketches are on different pages and feature different dates.  They are not linked in anyway and we had no idea they were actually combined.  It’s so exciting to discover new information and see the sketches as they were intended to be viewed.

More exciting things to come from Camp Floyd!

--Megan Kellar
Curator, Camp Floyd/Stagecoach Inn State Park

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